Land Use

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If you are a resort developer searching to create a stunning property amidst natural landscape of pristine beaches and lush jungles, you will find no opportunity better than Lagoi Bay.
For the first time ever, Bintan Resorts will launch a collection of residential land parcels at Lagoi Bay to be developed into private villas, housing clusters or condominium blocks.
Whether you are looking to expand your franchise footprint or setting up your latest concept dining venture, there are many locales and options of varying sizes for you to choose from at Lagoi Bay.
Whether it’s a water themed park, one that lets you swing in the air or scare the wits out of your visitors, let your imagination run wild and create an innovative attraction to compliment the new lifestyle destination evolving in Bintan Resorts.

A secret waiting to be unveiled.

A world-class development opportunity awaits.

Many will desire but it's only for the discerning few...

Land Use


Following a comprehensive analysis of the developmental potential approval from Bintan Resorts.

The key elements of the Land Use Plan are:

  • Expansive Mixed-Use Areas: At least 35% of the total site area will be set aside for open space habitat protection purposes
  • Environment Preservation: Designated forest preservation zone other vegetation-sensitive areas
  • Road Network: An internal road network facilitates (i) convenient private residential precincts
  • Pedestrian Coastal Walkway: All development lots along the coastal foreshore are subject to a minimum setback from the average high-tide water mark so as to facilitate construction of continuous pedestrian walkway
  • Inl other initiatives
  • Resorts: 11 large subdivided parcels of varying sizes (ranging from 2.6 to 21.5 hectares) with minimal building footprint staggered height restrictions to preserve the existing coastal foreshore’s visual qualities
  • Beach Village: Centralised activity hub for the entire Bintan Resorts, extending from the coastal foreshore to the in lake
  • Residential Development: Low-density residential projects distributed throughout the lower foothills with a small proportion of oceanfront residential properties offering dramatic views of Lagoi Bay the Singapore Strait
  • Condominium Development: Larger scale condominium developments (ranging from 3 to 10 storeys) concentrated around the newly excavated lake
  • Golf Course & Clubhouse: Available opportunity for the construction of a golf course associated clubhouse facilities