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If you are a resort developer searching to create a stunning property amidst natural landscape of pristine beaches and lush jungles, you will find no opportunity better than Lagoi Bay.
For the first time ever, Bintan Resorts will launch a collection of residential land parcels at Lagoi Bay to be developed into private villas, housing clusters or condominium blocks.
Whether you are looking to expand your franchise footprint or setting up your latest concept dining venture, there are many locales and options of varying sizes for you to choose from at Lagoi Bay.
Whether it’s a water themed park, one that lets you swing in the air or scare the wits out of your visitors, let your imagination run wild and create an innovative attraction to compliment the new lifestyle destination evolving in Bintan Resorts.

A secret waiting to be unveiled.

A world-class development opportunity awaits.

Many will desire but it's only for the discerning few...

About Us

post_locationWho are we?

Bintan Resorts occupiessrefers to the entire northern coast of the Indonesian Islof Bintan, the largest of the enchanting Riau Isle s in the South China Sea. This 18,000 hectares development is masterplannedsmanaged by PT Bintan Resorts Cakrawalasits associates. The area is home to award-winning resorts, designer golf courses,spopular recreational facilities attractions.

The hidden gem is a renowned world-class resort destination with infrastructure, securitysstability, amidst ivory beachesslush forests. Access into the area is restricted only to guestssresort employees.

Bintan Resorts was founded in 1990 as a collaborative initiative between the Governments of SingaporesIndonesia enjoys the highest level of government support as an international regional investment destination. Bintan Resorts was designated as a Free Trade Zone in 2009 special tax concessions are offered to encourage investments. In addition, it has been declared by the Government to be a ‘protected zone’ as a national asset within which no strikes or riots are permissible.

The Singapore-Indonesia consortium is committed to developing this area, creating the necessary basic infrastructure seeking suitable investors for each of the projects being designed. Since this agreement, the consortium’s investments actions in Bintan have contributed completely new features components of excellence in this area. The consortium has also since evolved into a public listed company in Singapore called Gallant Venture Ltd. Following the formal establishment of Bintan Resorts (now a subsidiary of Gallant Venture Ltd) in 1996 the setting up listing of Gallant Venture Ltd on Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX) in 2006, until today, the following have been put in place:

  • A system of ferries terminals that connect Bintan to Singapore Batam by sea
  • A large reservoir water treatment distribution systems that supply abundant potable water of World Health Organization ste ards
  • Self-supported power generation system
  • Fibre optic telecommunications system
  • Singapore-ste ard road system that connects Be ar Bentan Telani (BBT) Ferry Terminal to all resorts townships within Bintan Resorts
  • Private security force to complement the work of Indonesian tourism police force
  • Private fire-fighting emergency response infrastructure with supervisory level firemen trained in Singapore
  • Health management system for fighting mosquitoes several diseases typical to the area. Bintan Resorts is declared ‘malaria –free’ since the inception of this system
  • Environment control system to ensure that ecological balance (white beaches as well as the natural greenbelts) of the estate is preserved
  • Township for staff-housing with local food retail shops

The excellent facilities modern infrastructure have helped Bintan Resorts win accolades such as the ‘Best Weekend Getaway’ by I-S Magazine, ‘Best Golf Venue’ by M&C Asia Pacific Gold Awards ‘WTM 1997 Global Award’ by World Travel Mart, London.

What do we do?

At Bintan Resorts, we provide comprehensive masterplanning support services to resort operators including:

  • Ferry Services Terminal Operations
  • Destination Marketing Promotions
  • Property Rental Workers’ Accommodations
  • Estate & Township Management
  • Infrastructure Utilities support such as roads, potable water, stable power supply
  • Critical services such as fire fighting, security, environment community support