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If you are a resort developer searching to create a stunning property amidst natural landscape of pristine beaches and lush jungles, you will find no opportunity better than Lagoi Bay.
For the first time ever, Bintan Resorts will launch a collection of residential land parcels at Lagoi Bay to be developed into private villas, housing clusters or condominium blocks.
Whether you are looking to expand your franchise footprint or setting up your latest concept dining venture, there are many locales and options of varying sizes for you to choose from at Lagoi Bay.
Whether it’s a water themed park, one that lets you swing in the air or scare the wits out of your visitors, let your imagination run wild and create an innovative attraction to compliment the new lifestyle destination evolving in Bintan Resorts.

A secret waiting to be unveiled.

A world-class development opportunity awaits.

Many will desire but it's only for the discerning few...

Lagoi Bay

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