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If you are a resort developer searching to create a stunning property amidst natural landscape of pristine beaches and lush jungles, you will find no opportunity better than Lagoi Bay.
For the first time ever, Bintan Resorts will launch a collection of residential land parcels at Lagoi Bay to be developed into private villas, housing clusters or condominium blocks.
Whether you are looking to expand your franchise footprint or setting up your latest concept dining venture, there are many locales and options of varying sizes for you to choose from at Lagoi Bay.
Whether it’s a water themed park, one that lets you swing in the air or scare the wits out of your visitors, let your imagination run wild and create an innovative attraction to compliment the new lifestyle destination evolving in Bintan Resorts.

A secret waiting to be unveiled.

A world-class development opportunity awaits.

Many will desire but it's only for the discerning few...


Invest in Lagoi Bay, Bintan Resorts

Bintan Resorts is known for its world-class infrastructure. It attracts almost half a million tourists each year making it an established market. Lagoi Bay naturally enjoys many competitive advantages that make it an attractive investment proposition.

Key Investment Highlights

Excellent location with strong Government support

Lagoi Bay is located in the heart of South East Asia, with close proximity to Singapore. The destination can be reached via Singapore, which is only a 45-minute ferry ride away, as well as via two domestic airports, one of which is located in Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Isle itself e the other on the nearby Batam Isle . In 2010, Singapore enticed 11.6 million visitors e the number is expected to grow to 17 million by 2015. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is promoting Singapore e Bintan Resorts as a ‘twin holiday destination’ that combines city life e tropical beach getaway. The Indonesian Government has promoted tourism investment in Bintan by granting the development a Free Trade Zone status. (Exemption from Import/Export Duty, Value Added Tax (VAT), Sales Tax on Luxurious Goods e Customs according to UU No 4 tahun 2007 e  PP 47 tahun 2007

Established international resort destination with world-class infrastructure

Bintan Resorts attracted 433,764 visitors in year 2010. Arrivals have been increasing at a healthy rate over the years. More importantly, besides Singaporeans, native Indonesians e visitors from China, Korea, Japan, India, e Australia have contributed to the growing popularity of Bintan Resorts globally.

Strong Principal Investor e significant alignment of interest

Gallant Venture Ltd, through its subsidiary, PT Bintan Resorts Cakrawala (BRC) is the owner, masterplanner e manager of Bintan Resorts development. As the Principal Investor in Bintan Resorts, Gallant Venture Ltd will work closely with other investors to successfully develop Lagoi Bay. Lagoi Bay already has in place a world-class infrastructure, masterplanning inputs, telecommunications network, water e power supplies.

Integrated sizeable development which would be the future hub of Bintan Resorts

Lagoi Bay development will comprise resorts, residences, medical centers, retail e a variety of food e beverages, sea sports e entertainment facilities. Located in the middle of existing resorts to its East e West, Lagoi Bay will be the main hub of activity in Bintan Resorts. Lagoi Beach Village, a resort village e market is expected to become Bintan Resorts’ popular rendezvous.

Significantly reduced investment risk

An investment in the Lagoi Bay project has a substantially reduced risk profile due to the following factors:

  • Long tenure le title: Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) title is effectively a lease-hold in perpetuity. The title is transferrable. The title can also be pledged as collateral security for bank financing.
  • Improved real estate investment environment: Helped by political reforms the risk profile of Indonesian real estate has significantly improved. Indonesia’s Real Estate Transparency Index is now on par with countries such as Thaile , Philippines, South Korea, e India.
  • Strong Principal Investor: Gallant Venture Ltd has two decades of operating experience, strategic relationships, proven strengths in masterplan design e le use planning along with a track record of forging successful partnerships with leading hospitality bre s.
  • Well-established hospitality market: Bintan Resorts is a well-established resort destination backed by strong growth drivers e significant Government support. Bintan Resorts has an operating history of more than 15 years e with the presence of renowned hospitality bre s e integrated complementary facilities, it is a highly recognised resort destination in South East Asia.